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Drug Rehab Nebraska

According to the latest government statistics, drug addiction is increasingly becoming more of a problem in the state of Nebraska; thus increasing the need for a higher number of quality drug rehab facilities. A quality Nebraska drug rehab can help any person that desires help in overcoming a drug addiction problem. One of the reasons that the state of Nebraska has such a tremendous drug trafficking problem is because Interstate 80 provides such easy west to east access across the state. Choosing a drug rehab program for your drug addiction can be a complex process, because there are so many different options .There are inpatient, outpatient, short term and long term drug rehabs for the treatment of drug addiction in Nebraska. In an outpatient drug rehab program, the individual that is being treated for a drug addiction will usually visit the treatment center at various intervals for sessions that may lasts several hours. Many addicts choose this type of local drug rehabilitation in Nebraska in order to remain close to home, but often times this can be a recipe for failure. Very few addicts can reap long term benefits from such a limited amount of drug treatment. In a residential drug rehab facility, the individual resides at the Nebraska treatment facility. The person can than receive an intense level of drug rehabilitation for their drug addiction that is openly available around the clock. The National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) has concluded that long term residential treatment of at least 90 days or more has proven to be the most successful type of drug treatment for a drug and alcohol addiction. Knowing which type of drug rehab to choose is easier when the individual that is seeking drug treatment has an informative consultation with a treatment professional.

The negative effects of drug addiction can have a devastating impact on anyone that is connected to the person with a substance abuse problem. Drug addiction can cause many problems in relationships and on the job, and can have a negative impact on the physical health of the individual that is struggling with substance abuse issues. If an individual does not seek help from a professional drug rehab facility, they risk losing everything, including their lives, as in the case of a deadly overdose. The only way that an individual with a drug addiction can avoid these catastrophic losses, is to commit to a Nebraska drug rehab center for the best chance at success in overcoming their substance abuse problem. In order for the drug rehab counselor to effectively design an individualized program that will be best suited for the individual, the person seeking help must answer questions concerning their drug addiction. This information can be given in the initial assessment which generally takes place during the first call to the drug rehab center. It is important to have a sense of urgency regarding drug rehabilitation; it is all too common for an addict to minimize their drug addiction when they are inadvertently given too much time to contemplate their decision. In terms of a potentially life threatening drug addiction, procrastination can have devastating consequences.

  • In the state of Nebraska, cocaine is predominantly controlled by Hispanic trafficking organizations that are predominantly from Mexico. Crack cocaine is a major drug threat in the larger urban areas of the state.
  • Meth is by far the greatest drug threat in Nebraska, and is readily available in almost every town and community throughout the state. The drug is produced in many clandestine labs in rural areas and is also available in many communities in the state by Hispanic drug organizations.
  • The popularity of club drugs is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate in the state of Nebraska due to the false perception among users that these drugs are safe to use.
  • Much of the supply of ecstasy in the state of Nebraska is brought in from Florida and Arizona, and is trafficked into the state by mid-level distributors.
  • In Nebraska, marijuana is by far the greatest drug threat because the production of the drug throughout the state has remained steady.
  • In 2006, there were 9,000 adult and over 11,000 juvenile arrests for drug violations in the state of Nebraska.
  • Cocaine is steadily available in the larger cities of Nebraska and is use by all social and ethnic groups across the state.
  • Cocaine is transported into the state of Nebraska by various means including parcel package and body carriers from Mexico via El Paso, Texas.
  • The state of Nebraska is a transshipment state for Mexican meth.
  • Crack cocaine is a major drug of concern in Nebraska, particularly in the larger urban areas across the state.
  • Although heroin is not considered a drug threat in the state of Nebraska, some Mexican organizations make it readily available.
  • Because of the vast amount of farm land across Nebraska, the state is prime for clandestine drug labs to go undetected in the abundant rural settings across the state.
  • In the state of Nebraska, there has been an increase in the availability of crystal meth or "ice", especially in the metropolitan area of Omaha.
  • In the state of Nebraska, club drugs continue to be a concern to local communities and law enforcement.
  • In the state of Nebraska, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, and illegally diverted pharmaceuticals are not abused as much as the more traditional drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine.

If you or someone that you care about in Nebraska is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, the help of a drug rehab facility is the best solution. Contact a Nebraska drug rehab facility now and speak to someone who not only understands, but can also offer immediate assistance.

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Nebraska Drug Information and Drug Trafficking

Nebraska drug information reports that meth is the major concern for law enforcement within the state. Drug trafficking reports from Nebraska show that the state continues to be a transshipment point for Mexican methamphetamine with Interstate 80 providing easy west to east access across the state.

Nebraska has over 165 meat-packing/poultry plants and 55,000 farms statewide. The number of Hispanic workers, both legal and illegal, have nearly tripled in the last 10 years and Hispanic children currently represent the largest minority student population in the state. While most are honest and hard working, this rapid growth has allowed drug trafficking organizations with ties to Mexico to more easily blend into the community.

Cocaine is predominantly controlled by Hispanic trafficking organizations, many from Mexico. The drug is trafficked via car, parcel package and body carriers from Mexico via El Paso, Texas. Cocaine is available at both the wholesale and retail level. Crack cocaine is a serious problem in the large urban centers of Nebraska.

Heroin is available in small amounts in the Omaha, Nebraska area. While not considered a drug of choice in Nebraska, some Hispanic trafficking organizations have heroin available for consumer use.

Methamphetamine is the greatest drug threat to the state, and is available in almost every town and community. Hispanic drug trafficking organizations are flooding most Hispanic communities with methamphetamine from the southwestern border region of the United States. Methamphetamine produced in clandestine labs is also readily available in many communities. Drug information from Nebraska notes that the vast amount of farms across the state and limited law enforcement resources, this area is prime for exploitation. The Omaha metropolitan area has seen an increase in the availability of crystal methamphetamine or "ice."

The popularity of predatory or club drugs continues to be a concern to law enforcement and to local communities. There is a perception among users that these drugs are "safe" to use. Preliminary investigations show organizations in Nebraska have been receiving multi-hundred to thousand dosage units of MDMA (ecstasy) from Florida and Arizona. Efforts are currently underway to link investigations of mid-level distributors and "rave" parties.

Marijuana is the most prevalent illicit drug in Nebraska. Domestic production of both outdoor and hydroponic indoor grows has been steady with many seizures netting upwards of 500 plants. Marijuana produced outside of Nebraska and transported into the state is controlled by Mexican drug trafficking organizations at the wholesale level. At the retail level, independent dealers, outlaw motorcycle gangs, street gangs, Native Americans, and Mexican groups share equally in the retail market.

Prescription drug abuse is a problem in Nebraska with OxyContin being widely available throughout the state. Stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, anabolic steroids and illegally diverted pharmaceuticals are abused to a much lesser degree than the more traditional drugs in Nebraska.

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